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Healing Dancers


Healing Dancers

This is a group for Healing Dance students and practitioners and those interested in Healing Dance. Use it as a forum to ask questions of instructors, talk about your experiences of healing Dance, (giving or receiving) or just catching up.

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Healing Dance for CP 7 Replies

Started by Laura Srygley. Last reply by Carolyn Crawford Oct 14, 2008.

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Comment by Sara Firman (Sulis) on September 21, 2008 at 2:34pm
One of my favorite terms used by the creator of Healing Dance, Alexander Georgeokopolous is 'creating spacial mandalas'. Water allows the most incredible circular flow - as is clear in the above photo of Inika working. And that generates a kind of 'energy' that really does seem to have healing in it. For me, it is like a hologram of the water vortex!
Comment by Carolyn Crawford on October 8, 2008 at 4:32pm
At last, Ive got my act together and managed to join...keeping up with all the emails and 'techno stuff' is a bit of a challenge for me, but today inspired by your I am!...Thanks Laura...and Inika for posting Lana's photos. Lana came for sessions almost every week for just on four years ...she was a beautiful bright soul, with restricted ability to speak but maximal ability to communicate. It was amazing to be able to share her joy and sometimes frustration and pain along with many giggles and moments of total peace in the water. Sessions were sometimes strong and active and sometimes slow and sleepy, they included watsu and aquatic integration....but it was the waves of healing dance that often brought the first smile...vortexes brought out the dancer, side saddles were great for sleeping in and working sore backs, hara 8s for tight tummy muscles...there werent many moves Lana couldnt experience and enjoy...
Lana's Mum,Barbara came to every session and so there was often a sense of it being a three way experience. I overheard Barbara say one day 'Carolyn can do anything with Lana' yes heartwarming moments of surprise from family...seeing what we could do together in the water. But even better
for me I think,was that over time the 'cerebral palsy', not actually...but in terms of the relationship,almost dissappeared and although there were specific stretches to help balance the body and massage to tight sore areas...many times Lana and I just became 'you girls' .....exploring , playing, being together in the water...just people being....
Of course it wasnt like that in the beginning, Laura, I was initially a little daunted and 'the disability'
was very much in the foreground. That was one of
Lana's gifts to me, to go past the matter how extreme the restrictions may initially appear...we can still find the place to connect and be together...of course!! Thanks Lana!
Lana died unexpectedly, but very peacefully in her sleep earlier this year...and yes Im sure she is looking down and very happy to see her photos up on the 'web'!!
Comment by Christian Muller on January 13, 2009 at 12:29pm
Hello fellow water workers,
I just joined up to be closer to my water brothers and sisters. My website is
Currently I am very interested in the effects of sound in water and our water body. Also, I've been studying embryological development and its relation to aquatic bodywork. I would love to have discussions about either of these subjects.

Water blessings to all,
Comment by Sara Firman (Sulis) on January 14, 2009 at 8:58am
Would love to dialog more about sound in water also - I just added a post to my own blog on this topic (Water and Sound). Christian has also written about this on his website (see below). I have been lucky to experience Liquid Sound and think there ought to be a US venue (the original is in Germany).
Comment by Sara Firman (Sulis) on January 14, 2009 at 9:05am
Regards embryonic devlopment in relation to aquatic bodywork there is the great work of David Sawyer (Prenatal Journey). You can see a discussion that related to this on Bridget's blog here.
Comment by Inika on January 14, 2009 at 1:05pm
Hi Sulis and Christian,
I have been playing with a Tibetan bowl in the water using a rubber mallet. If you submerge it and use it close to the body the sound moving through the water resonates with the bones. It can be targeted to different areas of the body. There was one time I used it with a woman who had cervical misalignment and had pretty severe pain. After a few minutes she was pain-free. It also can bring up old (maybe ancient) traumas since we often store those in our bones. If I contact that I usually bring the bowl out to the periphery; hands, feet to ground and resource.

Since experiencing swimming with dolphins and feeling their sonar in my heart, I have been searching for sound therapy similar to that. I did experience liquid sound and liked it, but was looking for the sound that moved and penetrated my body. The bowls in water really do it for me.

I first experienced the bowls at Harbin where a man named RaRa was playing with them in the water. I was doing an underwater session and with my client's permission he used the bowls near her as she was moved through the water. She said afterwards she had an experience of her body expanding out into the universe. It was very cool!
Comment by Christian Muller on January 14, 2009 at 8:21pm
Very beautiful, using the bowls to create underwater sonic vibrations. I will try. I have just been toning in the water but I want to purchase an underwater speaker to experiment with. I have been looking at an amazing book called "Water Sound Images". It has stunning images of reflected light from sound vibrating water. the text is equally as rich. Here is a passage "If all form and shape is coagulated music, aged gestures of liquid sound, is not the whole world like an echo of these primordial sounds. Would not all shapes and bodies of nature actually be, in the deepest sense, resonance bodies, each one permeated and tuned to a special moment of these sounds, a note, an interval, a tone, a word, a cadence, a melody?"
Such is the world of water and sound where water is the matrix of life and sound and light are the creative impulse.
Water blessings to all,
Comment by Sara Firman (Sulis) on January 15, 2009 at 8:56am
Oh, I'd love to experience this in water! Last year, I went to a workshop where there was someone with a set of seven crystal singing bowls which he played single-handedly in the most amazing way. Then he invited people to sit inside the bowls' circle. I was reluctant at first since I have always responded to these kinds of sound vibrations with bodywaves and was not sure if that would be OK with the observers. But I did it anyway, and it was so beautiful to feel my body join with the bowls. The waves were continuous until I chose to leave the circle and this felt very healing.
Comment by Laura Srygley on January 17, 2009 at 8:59pm
I have played with tibetan bowls in the water too, using 3 bowls of different sizes with rubber mallets/ the different sizes create different vibrations. It's fun to play with different bowls over different areas in the body, all at the same time or one at a time. I had a woman recently bring her toning device (?) I don't know what they are called(tuning forks?), anyway, on land they vibrate throught the body but they seemed to quickly stop vibrating when they hit the water. The bowls don't do that, they are wonderful!
Comment by Christian Muller on January 17, 2009 at 9:20pm
Thanks for your input. I viewed your website and saw that you are offering aquatic contact. I would love to hear more about this from you. I was a contact dancer in the past and also did aquatic contact a limited number of times. Just yesterday I did aquatic contact with a very high level contact dancer who has done aquatic contact performance before. Check out "half machine aquarium" to see this. Anyway it was fabulous! I mentioned to her that we should teach a class or workshop for the contact community. It is way different than contact on land, and with multiple people there is an added safety factor. Tell me more when you have a chance.


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